SPIRITS : Supporting Program for Interaction-based Initiative Team Studies  2020-2021 Interdisciplinary type project, in the priority area of humanities and social sciences


  • 2021/06/04

    Oliver Hellwig is leading "ChronBMM — Bayesian Mixture Models für die Datierung von Textkorpora" in Digital Humanities Project by Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We share the same interest and are collaborating on buildung the database of Vedic texts. About "ChronBMM" Project: https://www.geistes-und-sozialwissenschaften-bmbf.de/de/Digital-Humanities-1710.html

  • 2021/04/21

    A report on the workshop “Dynamism of Social Context Deciphered by a Linguistic Analysis of Ancient Literature” (Yuzuki Tsukagoshi, the University of Tokyo) has been published in Digital Humanities Monthly No. 115 [Part 2] (February 28, 2021).

  • 2021/04/21

    The laboratory website of Hiroaki Natsukawa, Lecturer at the Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University, is now open. https://natsukawa-lab.jp/ 

  • 2021/04/21

    Two papers by Kyoko Amano dealing with the language layers and formation process of Vedic literature (Maitrāyaṇī Saṁhitā) have been published.

    “What is ‘knowledge’ justifying a ritual action? Uses of yá evám véda / yá evám vidvan in the Maitrāyaṇī Samhitā.” In: Aux sources des liturgies indo-iraniennes, ed. by Redard, C. / Ferrer-Losilla, J. / Moein, H. / Swennen, P., Collection Religions, Comparatisme – Histoire – Anthropologie 10, 39-68. 2019. Liège: Presses Universitaeire de Liège. (PDF 2.6MB

    “The Development of the Uses of ha / ha vái / ha sma vái with or without the Narrative Perfect and Language Layers in the Old Yajurveda-Samhitā Texts.” Lingua Posnaniensis 61, ed. by Chandotti, M. P. / Pontillo. 2019. T. Sciendo: Warszawa. 11-24. (PDF 716KB

  • 2021/04/21

    On February 12, 2021, the first workshop of this project, ” Dynamism of Social Context Deciphered by a Linguistic Analysis of Ancient Literature,” was held online. 117 participants from 10 countries registered for the workshop. A collection of slides is here (PDF 13.2MB). 

  • 2020/12/23

    The first workshop of this project, ‘Dynamism of Societal Context Deciphered by a Linguistic Analysis of Ancient Literature’ will be hosted online. Please register using Google Form here: 
    Download Flyer (PDF 1.6MB) 

  • 2020/12/23

    The ancient Indian literature research of Kyoko Amano and this project were featured in a web article by hotozero: ‘A new approach to deciphering ancient Indian literature brought about by a truly deep reading of the texts.’

  • 2020/12/13

    An interview with Kyoko Amano about this project has been uploaded to the website ‘Life as a Scholar: Kyoto University and Beyond’ of Kyoto University Research Administration Office.